The Online Rummy Federation ensures responsible gaming in online Rummy
Techlo Media,1st May 2019

Recently IAMAI organized the second edition of Gaming Summit and Expo in India called “GATO 2.0” in Gurugram. There I got a chance to know more about The Online Rummy Federation and meet few notable people of online Rummy Industry.

Online Rummy is popular in India and there are millions of gamers already using different online rummy platforms. These games deal with real money. It means gamers put money on rummy games in a hope to win.

Many people see Rummy as gambling and think it to be illegal. But that is not the case. The supreme court of India has thoroughly examined the game and made it clear that the Rummy is a game of skill. So, it can be operated legally in India. That is the reason, there are several online gaming operators in the country. But this industry also needed regulation to ensure no rummy operator is tricking gamers and gamers are also using rummy for entertainment and not for gambling. That’s where TORF came. Major online rummy operators joined hands to form “The Online Rummy Federation” (TORF) to self-regulate the online rummy industry and bring a responsible gaming environment. TORF has formulated a code of conduct for online rummy operators. Few of the key rules are KYC verification of users, liming the time and spend. TORF also grants a TORF seal to member rummy operators. This will help users understand what Rummy operator to trust. In a conversation to Techlomedia, Bhavin Pandya, CEO and co-founder of Play Games24x7, “Rummy has always been a game of skill and not a game of chance. A good player always remains a good player.” He confirmed that his company uses machine learning and data analytics for customer behavior and fraud detection to ensure fair gaming. The KYC process helps the platform to understand the spending capability of a player. So, the platform automatically puts a limit to ensure he is not overspending. When I asked how big the online industry is, Bhavin said that there are already 7-8 million active Rummy players. This industry is growing and it has a big potential These online games assign cards to each player randomly and players play against each other in real-time. I talked Deepak Gullapalli, CEO, HEAD DIGITAL WORKS, about this to know how this works and why should gamers trust. Deepak Gullapalli confirmed that the software decides cards randomly. The RNGs they used are tested by reputed testing companies to ensure fair gaming. They also keep logs of everything for years. If any legal entity wants to audit, they are ready to co-operate. TORF also ensures audits of rummy portals to check if RNGs used by rummy operators are certified.

Source:, May 1, 2019